Looking for a broadband Internet Service Provider in rural Northeast Oregon?  Oregon Wireless has you covered.  With download speeds of up to 15Mbps and prices starting at just $39.95/month you'll get the high speed Internet access you crave whether you're telecommuting or just surfing the Web.

Remember just a decade or so ago when the average person was just beginning to have internet access in their homes? Nowadays it seems that having an email address is as much a requirement as a phone number. Internet is more common in homes than cable television, and a business without a fast and reliable Internet connection is operating with a real competitive disadvantage.

At Oregon Wireless, we embrace the wave of ever-evolving technology while staying in touch with the good old days when you could get a real person on the phone, meet with a real professional face-to-face, and get real answers to your questions.

Please call today for plan details and coverage area.

Phone:  (541) 568-2000 

What are People Saying About Oregon Wireless?

"Everybody told me I couldn't get High Speed Internet where I live. I'm so glad I found you!"

"Quick Install, Real People answer the phone, you're right here Local, and .. you didn't lock me into a contract!"

"Without Oregon Wireless I couldn't operate my business from NE Oregon.  We've been happy customers for 5 years with almost no down-time. Your customer service has always been fast, effective, and personable.  Thanks, Oregon Wireless, for providing the reliable high speed Internet service we need at a very reasonable cost!